Fri 07/02 - BNE - DJ Shadow @ Family
Fri 14/02 - BNE - Big Bass Party @ Family
Sat 22/03 - BNE - Sangers @ Family
Thu 10/04 - AUT, Mayrhofen - Snowbombing
Fri 11/04 - AUT, Mayrhofen - Snowbombing
Sat 12/04 - CHE, Laax - Riders Palace
Sat 19/04 - RUS, St Petersberg - IBWT
Sun 20/04 - GER, Ravensburg - Clubnacht
Fri 25/04 - GBR, Leeds - Hot Cakes
Sat 26/04 - GBR, Manchestr - Breaks'n'Bass
Wed 30/04 - GER, Karlsruhe - Stadtmitte
Sat 03/05 - GER, Thannhausen - TurnCable
Sat 07/06 - BNE, Danny Byrd @ Ellement


Han Shot First


Here is a recent remake of my Trooper vs Trooper photo I did a few years back. My original is one of my favourites but I’ve always thought there needed to be more spectators… I also thought having Han and Greedo would be fun. Do you like this version or my original better? Let me know! - See more at:

Walking Dead Burgers

To promote the upcoming The Walking Dead premiere, Miss Cakehead collaborated with London Mess to make human burgers. As The Walking Dead season 5 begins on October 13, 2014 in the UK, these fake human flesh burgers were inspired by the previous season’s finale and the cannibal-inhabited Terminus.

As it would be incredibly unhealthy (not to mention controversial and disgusting) to offer an actual human burger in honor of The Walking Dead premiere, London Mess chef James Thomlinson used a combination of beef, bone marrow, chicken liver, pork and veal. As photographed by Justin Ramsden, the human flesh burger recipe was based on a description from author William Seabrook who ate human meat in west Africa.

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Thin water bottle. This would make the perfect hip flask for my record bag.

Designed by Jesse Leeworthy from Melbourne, Australia and Jonathan Byrt from San Diego, California, the Memobottle is made out of a plastic material that is BPA free, dishwasher-friendly, and reusable. Utterly original, the Memobottle is available in three sizes: letter, A4 and A5. The Memobottle strives to reduce the consumption of single-use bottles in as chic and practical a way as possible. The Memobottle is seeking funds on Kickstarter.


Believe it or not, there is a generalized stereotype for just about any sexual orientation or race existing today.

As a matter of fact, some people are stereotyped just based off of their body piercings, tattoos and hair color.

Unfortunately, some people haven’t figured out that just by changing the unhealthy way they think, they can make the world a better place.

In order to raise awareness about this ongoing world issue, photographer Joel Parés created a visual series titled “Judging America” that highlights the different stereotypes pinned on people from all walks of life.

No one looks at a person’s accomplishments or personality or lifestyle. Instead, people only look at what’s on the surface and let their cruel judgements get the best of them.

Parés’ series shows both sides.